RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil --- Abcesso Technology has launched, for the first time outside Brazil, its latest fuel conversion system for ethanol power cars. When installed, the system makes the normal gasoline car behave and perform as a flex-fuel vehicle. The system is totally automatic, the company said. There is no fuel selection switch, and the management system recognizes the "lambda probe" signal and automatically adjusts to whichever fuel is being used in any proportion. Ethanol is a product of sugar metabolism in certain species of yeast in the absence of oxygen. The process of culturing yeast under conditions to produce alcohol is referred to as brewing. Yeasts can grow in the presence of up to only about 14 percent alcohol, but the concentration of alcohol in the final product can be increased by distillation. Ethanol contains oxygen that provides a cleaner and more efficient burn of the fuel. When used in ethanol power cars, the fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions -- a major contributor to global warming.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials