SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval has launched a new performance dashboard powered by PHH Onboard, a telematics-powered service offered by the company. The PHH Onboard dashboard provides at-a-glance information that integrates data collected from in-vehicle telematics devices with fleet information contained in PHH Arval’s data warehouse. The information helps clients track telematics data in real-time and put proactive policies in place that can lead to increased driver safety, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced operational performance. The PHH Onboard dashboard is accessed online via PHH InterActive Dashboard, a comprehensive suite of dashboard applications available to PHH Arval clients. This first release of the PHH Onboard dashboard gives managers instant access to summarized benchmark results in the following areas:

  • Fuel performance. Clients can view both idle time and MPG side-by-side. PHH Onboard documents fuel savings of 10 percent or more for vehicles in which the telematics device has been installed.
  • Operational performance. Clients can identify peak vehicle usage and find out if vehicles are driven after hours or during unauthorized times. The PHH Onboard dashboard helps managers control unauthorized use and substantiates personal use mileage reporting.

    The PHH Onboard dashboard is part of PHH Arval’s ongoing plan to continually enhance the functionality and effectiveness of telematics technology.

  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials