PRINCETON, NJ – ALK Technologies has launched its CoPilot FleetCenter, a fleet management solution that delivers tracking, two-way messaging, and access to ALK’s location-based services offerings, including real-time traffic and premium points of interest. CoPilot FleetCenter is designed to work seamlessly with CoPilot Truck and CoPilot Live GPS navigation solutions from ALK. ALK’s CoPilot Truck system is a voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation software for professional truck drivers. ALK’s flagship transportation product, PC*MILER, provides routing, mileage, and mapping solutions for carriers, shippers, and logistics companies. CoPilot FleetCenter is a Web-based fleet management solution connected to wireless-enabled mobile devices (Pocket PCs, smartphones, laptops, or onboard computers) running the Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows XP operating systems. These devices provide spoken directions using ALK’s CoPilot Truck or CoPilot Live Professional and communicate their exact position in real-time to CoPilot FleetCenter. CoPilot FleetCenter enables drivers running CoPilot on their mobile devices to leverage the devices’ wireless capabilities to send and receive text messages, receive itinerary updates, and communicate vehicle status automatically. The system enables managers to view their fleet in real-time and focus on automated exception alert reporting. Managers can work from any Internet-connected computer to access CoPilot FleetCenter’s secure Web site. Specific customer tracking and delivery status information can be provided via a password-controlled environment.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials