AUBURN HILLS, Mich. --- DaimlerChrysler has partnered with Michigan State University, the state of Michigan, the EPA and NextEnergy to research and develop better biodiesel and other renewable fuels. Representatives from all these organizations met on Thursday at the Rose Township brownfield site that has become a research lab for biofuels. They provided the media with an overview of the project. Approximately two acres of the 110-acre former dump site are being used for research. Researchers will harvest soybeans, sunflowers, corn, canola and switchgrass to test for renewable fuel uses. Testing of the crops from contaminated soil may lead to the "greening" of additional brownfield sites. The Rose Township project provides an opportunity to research clean, renewable American-made fuels using land that currently cannot be used for other purposes. The project will serve as a model for potential reuse of hundreds of Superfund and brownfield sites nationwide, project supporters said.

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