LONG BEACH, CA – SNUGTOP has introduced a new fiberglass line of commercial truck caps called SnugPro. SnugPro features:

  • New fiberglass side doors - The custom look is achieved with these new flush-fitting side-access doors. The doors are fitted with maximum-security folding t-handles that offer three-way secure locking capability.
  • Tool Boxes – 16-inch-deep aluminum toolbox with variable shelving options maximize storage space. The reinforced SnugPro cap offers structural integrity to support 100 lbs. of cargo in each box.
  • Three SnugPro Models - This new commercial truck cap is available in 'Cab-Hi', 'Hi-Liner' and 'Xtra Vision' models.
  • Custom Rack – The SnugPro can be topped off with a “Rack-it” custom-made powder-coated commercial rack exclusively available from SNUGTOP. The cap is specially reinforced to hold 300 lbs. of cargo if the load is evenly distributed and properly secured.
  • Multiple Front Window and Light Options - All standard SNUGTOP front window options are available in addition to ordering the SnugPro with or without a SNUGrug headliner. Customers ordering the toolbox can add two 12-volt lights in each box. A 12-volt interior light installed at the tailgate end of the truck cap is also a standard feature.
  • Tailgate and Handle Options - The SnugPro is available with several different tailgate options, including a Cab-Hi or a Hi-Liner with a fiberglass tailgate panel with (a) double T-handles, (b) SNUGTOP’s flush handle and, (c) the new SNUGTOP folding t-handle. An all-glass tailgate door is available for those ordering the Xtra Vision model.
  • Warranty - SNUGTOP offers a five-year structure and paint warranty on the SnugPro and a one-year warranty on parts. The structural warranty is only in affect if the commercial rack is factory installed.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials