CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Knaack Manufacturing has released new bulkhead and shelving systems as a part of its WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions brand. The new WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions bulkheads universally fit Ford and Chevy vans. Additional new features include 16-gauge steel construction and 3/16” steel top mounting angles. Also, a 9” x 12” Dog Hatch in the bottom of the bulkhead allows easier and safer transportation of long-length material by utilizing the floor space in front of the bulkhead. All Van Solutions products come with a white power coat finish for extra visibility. For Sprinter vans, a 3” offset has been added to provide extended room for the driver. Shelving for WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions delivers increased floor space, added durability, and enhanced safety. The 59-1/2” high-end panels on the 14” wide jumbo knock-down van shelving have been shortened to 57-1/2” to provide a better fit for Sprinter vans without blocking factory-installed lighting. On the 43-3/4” and 57-1/4” high-shelving units, the end panels have been tapered, allowing closer installation to the sidewall and additional cargo space in the middle of both Sprinter and full-size vans.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials