ATLANTA – AAID Security Solutions, Inc. provides hands-free asset protection with Ultra Long Range Asset Tags and readers. AAID provides a reader adjustable range from .5 to 2,000+ feet. The active tags are designed to identify and track laptops, office machines, wheelchairs, shop equipment, personnel, etc. in office buildings, hospitals, warehouses, retail shores, industrial facilities, and military bases. With the standard AutoLocate feature, the system provides multiple-tag, real-time asset inventory control, and can track employees, visitors, and assets as they move throughout a facility. The standard TamperDetect feature can instantly detect and send an alarm that a tag has been removed from an asset. The Ultra Long Range Asset Tags are also fully compatible with all Wiegand-based access control systems. The Ultra Long Range Asset ID Readers provide long-range zone coverage for portal asset loss prevention, real-time inventory management, and personnel access control emergency evacuation and mustering. Read range adjustable directional and omni-directional antennas can be discretely installed in ceilings, walls, picture frames, or doorways to identify and track asset tag activities. The cell phone size readers communicate simultaneously in RS-232, RS-485, TTL, or TCP-IP protocol formats for custom asset control software applications, or in 26-bit or 32 bit Wiegand formats for access control systems. These passive readers cannot cause interference to other electronic equipment or jam other AAID readers if their read fields overlap each other.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials