IRVINE, CA – Mazda vehicles aboard the car-carrying vessel, Cougar Ace, will not be sold as new vehicles. Cougar Ace ran into trouble on July 23, 2006, off the Alaskan coast, resulting in it listing some 60-plus degrees. The Cougar Ace sailed from Japan to North America with just over 4,700 Canadian- and U.S-bound Mazdas aboard. The vessel became stricken when an issue during a routine ballast-water change caused it to list. Slightly more than half of the cars are MAZDA3s, and about one-fourth are Mazda CX-7s. The vehicles were headed to the ports of Vancouver (Canada), and Tacoma and Hueneme (U.S.). After the ship was stabilized, it was towed to sheltered waters in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where it was returned to an even keel. It was towed to the Port of Portland, Ore., where its cargo was evaluated and unloaded.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials