HOUSTON – Hundreds of drivers who ran red lights in Houston while making turns at intersections newly monitored by cameras have not been issued tickets because of a loophole in the photo-enforcement ordinance, according to the Houston Chronicle newspaper. “The way the current city ordinance is written, turns are excluded, even if they are illegal turns,” said Houston Police Sgt. Michael Muench, as quoted in the Houston Chronicle. Traffic officers reviewed more than 1,000 violations caught on camera during the first two weeks of the program, which went into effect Sept. 1. A third were thrown out, many because the driver was making a right or left turn while running the light. The cameras photograph vehicles that run red lights at 10 intersections throughout the city. The city plans to install them at 40 more sites where many crashes occur. The system takes two still photographs and a video recording of the car’s back license plate. Officials will review the statistics before deciding whether to press for a change in the ordinance.

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