SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval has created PHH Collision Prevention, a new fleet safety program that has the potential to reduce major collision costs by up to 40 percent, according to the fleet management company. Developed in partnership with Interactive Driving Systems (IDS), a provider of global risk management solutions, PHH Collision Prevention is a comprehensive program designed to create a crash-free culture in fleet organizations. Through an integrated, holistic approach, PHH Collision Prevention applies technology, consultation, measurement, and patented methodology to:

  • Predict at-risk drivers: A recent study indicates that 5 percent of at-risk drivers account for 45 percent of major collisions.
  • Target training to the drivers most likely to have collisions.
  • Prevent accidents from occurring and reduce risk exposure.

    PHH Collision Prevention has the potential to save organizations 10 to 40 percent in major collision costs, according to PHH. For a 500-vehicle fleet, reducing the accident rate by 10 percent has a potential impact of $174,000 in hard dollar savings to the organization.

  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials