SANTA MONICA, Calif. --- The city of Santa Monica announced plans to host AltCar Expo, a technologically advanced exposition highlighting alternative-fuel and high-MPG vehicles. AltCar Expo will take place Dec. 9-10. Admission to the expo, which includes seminars and advanced technology displays, will be free. The event will be held at Barker Hangar, located at the Santa Monica Air Center. More than 100 alternative-fuel and high-MPG vehicles will be showcased at the event. Vehicles and fuel types will include hybrid, electric, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, plug-in hybrid, high MPG gasoline, ethanol and biodiesel. Other eco-friendly vehicles on display will be electric bicycles, mopeds and two- and three-wheeled scooters. A main feature of the event will be the "ride and drive," which will give the public an opportunity to try out many of the vehicles on display, some of which will be available for immediate purchase. A key goal of AltCar Expo is showing consumers how they can save money and earn tax credits by going green. Public transit will also play a major role at AltCar Expo, with the latest in bus and light rail technologies, route information, urban planning and metro expansion plans on display, organizers said. Schools, businesses and individuals will also be invited to submit transportation-themed projects for display and recognition. Craig Perkins, environmental and public works director for the city of Santa Monica, said AltCar Expo will give the public an opportunity to view the most comprehensive collection of clean-air, fuel-efficient vehicles available in the marketplace today. "The price of oil, national security, health concerns and environmental damage are all issues that need to be addressed now," said Perkins. "Making more fuel-efficient decisions ultimately helps everyone." According to a recent Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive poll, the public continues to show growing interest in alternative fuel vehicles. A third of Americans polled said they are seriously interested in buying or leasing such a vehicle, and a full 92% said they would be willing to pay more for one over a traditional gasoline-powered car. Top reasons cited included concerns over damage to the environment from fossil fuels and the high cost of gasoline. Eight million alternative fuel vehicles are now on the road in the U.S., more than double the number in 2000. Among the companies scheduled to exhibit at AltCar Expo are American Honda Motor Company, which will showcase its natural gas-powered Civic GX, Tesla Motors, maker of a high-performance electric sports car, Toyota, Zap, Segway, Louroe Electronics, AC Propulsion, Miles Automotive, Clean Energy, and Feel Good Cars Corporation, which makes a zero-emissions vehicle. Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus will operate free shuttles from the Los Angeles Convention Center to the AltCar event. Event sponsors include Metro, Clean Cities, the Big Blue Bus, California Fuel Cell Partnership, Coalition For Clean Air, Global Green, Union of Concerned Scientists, Physicians For Social Responsibility, L.A. Bike Coalition, Sustainable Works and Environment Now. For more information, visit or call (310) 390-2930.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials