HOUSTON --– Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Rotella, a formulation designed to meet the new API CJ-4 service category for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Shell Rotella was developed to provide lower wear, improved deposit control and engine cleanliness for both pre-2007 engines and the latest performance and emissions systems technology found on new 2007 truck engines, Shell said. "Shell Rotella with Triple Protection technology meets or exceeds API CJ-4 specifications in part due to an exclusive detergent system designed for outstanding control of piston deposits in 2007 engines," said Dan Arcy, technical marketing manager for Shell Lubricants. "We also expect that owner/operators and fleet maintenance technicians will be able to visibly notice the outstanding wear protection for valve train components." Shell Lubricants said Shell Rotella provides on average 50 percent greater wear protection (ranging from 27% to 88% reduced wear) than the previous formulation. Laboratory-based findings are backed up by the results of over 5.5 million miles of on-highway road testing using current generation engines in which significantly lower iron wear was found, Shell said.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials