DETROIT – International Truck and Engine Corp., a Navistar company, will supply Ford Motor Company with a new 6.4L Ford Power Stroke Diesel engine for the 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty. Ford’s F-Series Super Duty trucks, powered by the Power Stroke diesel, averaged 50-percent market share in the heavy-duty pickup truck segment during the past five years. The new Power Stroke diesel engine will displace 6.4L, which is an increase in displacement from the current 6.0L V-8. The pickup’s engine will use a high-precision, high-pressure, common- rail fuel injection system featuring piezo-electric injectors. International recently invested more than $100 million in new machinery and other equipment at its manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis and Huntsville, Ala., to manufacture the new Power Stroke diesel. Ford Motor Co. said it would begin selling the new diesel version of its Super Duty pickup in early-2007, according to Reuters. The launch of the heavy-duty, diesel-powered pickup comes after Ford had to slash truck production this year after sales slowed faster than expected in the face of higher U.S. interest rates and gas prices. Ford will unveil the 2008 model of its F-Series Super Duty pickup, aimed at commercial truck buyers, Sept. 28 at a Dallas event. Ford said it would cut fourth-quarter production to its lowest level in 25 years to accelerate a turnaround plan that has not yielded results fast enough amid falling sales, according to Reuters.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials