EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. --- GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services recently added daily fuel reporting to its integrated, Web-based reporting applications, my.Dashboard and my.Reports. New daily fuel reporting delivers information based on all fuel transaction data, including transactions that have not yet been billed. As a result, customers can analyze their actual fuel usage and can take action on reducing it sooner rather than later so they get immediate financial and environmental results. Daily fuel reporting within my.Dashboard and my.Reports consists of one consolidated exception report encompassing all available exceptions criteria. With one click, customers can see exception transactions that fall outside of their policies. The consolidated exception report is organized by driver information. In addition, my.Dashboard provides trend charts that display a customer's variance to the fuel market average for the last 15 and 30 days by state, fuel marketer, fuel type, and the customer's organizational structure.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials