FREMONT, CA – Performance Transportation Services, Inc. (PTS), a transporter of new automobiles, SUVs, and light trucks, has selected @Road, Inc. as its mobile resource management (MRM) solutions provider. Under terms of the agreement, PTS intends to deploy the flagship @Road GeoManager MRM solution designed to give PTS greater location intelligence, manageability, and real-time visibility into the work of up to 1,544 commercial carrier drivers and trucks. PTS operates under three transportation business lines including: E and L Transport, Hadley Auto Transport, and Leaseway Motorcar Transport, and employs more than 2,000 employees who deliver approximately 3.8 million new cars and light trucks annually. PTS operates from 31 facilities located throughout the United States and Canada and has responsibility for 72 different customer vehicle delivery centers. PTS plans to also deploy an @Road onboard vehicle diagnostics and reporting solution based on J1708 industry standards. @Road Vehicle Diagnostics is designed to retrieve vehicle-operating information from the vehicle’s electronic onboard control module. Information generated from the J1708 appliance is designed to be transmitted via the @Road iLM in-vehicle wireless communication device to PTS managers in the form of daily or real-time online reports, detailing such vehicle data as fuel usage and power take-off, as well as engine fault codes related to oil pressure, coolant temperature, and excessive engine speed. As part of @Road’s relationship with PTS, @Road is also working with PTS’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Logistics Computer Services (LCS), a custom software solutions provider for the automotive transportation sector, to develop a joint marketing relationship designed to bring a combination of @Road and LCS technology and solutions to the commercial carrier transportation market. As part of the joint arrangement, @Road and LCS plan to market a solution that includes a streamlined process for vehicle delivery, with electronic signature capture, exception data collection at the point of dealership contact, trip-related messaging services, fuel tax reporting, pre- and post-trip equipment reporting, integrated geofence event triggers, and other proprietary automated processes.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials