SPRING VALLEY, IL – Spring Valley’s Wal-Mart Distribution Center’s Gary Shaver, now 67, recently received the Illinois Trucking Association’s recognition as the 2005 Driver of the Year, according to the News Tribune newspaper. Shaver, who began his truck-driving career when he was 17, has driven for Wal-Mart in Spring Valley, Ill., since 2001. An independent board judged 23 drivers who were nominated by companies throughout Illinois. Judges based the selection on the individual’s driving record, years of experience, and employers’ recommendations. Shaver said a driver constantly must be on the lookout. “When you start to think you know everything you need to know, when you stop worrying, that’s when it goes wrong,” Shaver said, as quoted in the News Tribune newspaper. “I’m always looking for the car and the individual that isn’t looking. You have to constantly pay attention, watch your equipment, watch the gauges.” While driving through all 48 contiguous states during his career, Shaver has managed to drive 4.5 million miles without an accident. Shaver received a plaque and lettering on his truck signifying his title. The distribution center’s 187 drivers also celebrated recognition as the 2005 Safest Fleet in Illinois.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials