COLUMBUS, IN – Cummins has reached an agreement with a major automotive manufacturer serving the North American market to produce and market a light-duty, diesel-powered engine, according to Lawn and Landscape Magazine. However, citing competitive reasons, Cummins declined to name the manufacturing partner. As part of the agreement, Cummins will develop and manufacture a family of high-performance, light-duty, diesel engines for a variety of automotive applications in vehicles below 8,500 lbs. gross vehicle weight, including standard pickup trucks and SUVs. The first vehicles with this engine are expected to be ready for market by the end of the decade, the report said. Cummins anticipates the diesel engine will provide an average of 30-percent fuel savings, depending on the drive cycle, over gasoline-powered engines for comparable vehicles. The concept for this product is the result of a nine-year partnership between Cummins and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials