OTTAWA, ON— Netistix Technologies Corp., creator of the FleetPulse wireless fleet monitoring system, has developed and launched an online cost-benefit calculator that allows fleet managers to calculate the savings they could realize by reducing the idling times of their vehicles, encouraging drivers to reduce their speed, and by improving overall vehicle fitness through tune-ups and properly inflated tires. All of these factors affect fuel consumption and the costs of operating a vehicle. Available online at, the calculator begins by allowing visitors to indicate the fuel economy of a single fleet vehicle, its idle fuel consumption, the price per liter paid for fuel, and the vehicle’s emissions rate. Default values are also provided based on industry resources. The calculator asks for a “target goal” for reducing idling of the vehicle and, based on the information provided, will calculate the per-vehicle cost savings that can be achieved through use of a fleet monitoring solution such as Netistix FleetPulse. Additional fuel economy and even multiple-vehicle computations can also be made, and fleet managers can conclude by calculating the potential savings across their entire fleet. The results can be e-mailed or printed for future reference.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials