NASHVILLE, TN— Fleet One, LLC, a Tennessee-based provider of financial service solutions to fleets and the merchants that serve them, has made an agreement with FAST STOP retail fuel facilities for a private label fuel card program that provides users with detailed, real-time financial transactions 24 hours a day.

With this new partnership, FAST STOP merchants and fleet customers now have access to the FAST STOP FLEET fuel card, an account management program powered by Fleet One that captures line-item detail on every transaction and allows fleet managers to control purchases and access real-time, online account information at any time.

FAST STOPs are located in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. The new partnership with Bloomington, Ill.-based FAST STOP means 300-plus locations are now added to Fleet One’s existing network of 12,000.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials