MILWAUKEE --- An Allstate Insurance-sponsored gasoline giveaway promotion, aimed at rewarding safe drivers, sparked fist fights and arrests this week. According to an Associated Press report, All State gave away a tanker truck load of gasoline to reward Milwaukee for its No. 1 ranking among mid-sized cities on the insurance company's safe drivers list. The free gasoline went to more than 700 motorists, each of whom got about $30 worth of gas. But the giveaway was held at just one station -- and the line stretched on and on and on by the time the pumps were turned on at 6 a.m. Residents in the neighborhood became trapped because the line of cars blocked their driveways. Tempers also flared when a few motorists in line tried to let friends "take cuts." Two car crashes occurred, and four people were arrested for disorderly conduct. Three officers went to the hospital after being spattered with blood from someone's bloody nose.

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