COLUMBUS, Ohio --- The Kroger Co., which rolled out E-85 fuel stations in Texas last month, announced plans to begin offering the fuel at gas stations in Ohio. Bruce Macaulay, president of Kroger's Great Lakes division, said the company will offer corn-based ethanol E-85 fuels at gas stations in Columbus first before adding the fuel later in Cincinnati and Dayton, reported the Cincinnati Post. Kroger will be the first fuel retailer to offer E85 in the Cincinnati area. E-85 consists of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. About 6 million vehicles on the road today can run on E-85. Kroger's new program is in partnership with General Motors and the state of Ohio. Ohio Gov. Bob Taft last week signed a bill aimed at increasing the state's use of corn-based ethanol in its vehicle fleet.

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