IRVINE, CA – Mazda has introduced a turbocharged, gasoline, direct fuel-injection engine called Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) to the U.S. market. Already available on the MAZDASPEED6, the new CX-7 crossover SUV, and the upcoming MAZDASPEED3, the direct injection technique helps add power and performance to Mazda’s four-cylinder engines. In a conventional engine, fuel is sprayed in the intake port so that air and fuel are induced simultaneously into the cylinder. With direct injection, the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder. The result is a more efficient engine with greater fuel economy and torque. The MAZDASPEED6 hits 274-hp at 5,500 rpm, and the CX-7 powers out 244-hp at 5,000 rpm. The MAZDASPEED3 will crank out more than 250-hp, making this one of the fastest front-wheel-drive cars in the world.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials