MISSISSAUG, ONTARIO – The National Safety Council and Virtual Driver Interactive (VDI), specializing in simulation technology, have partnered to offer a driver improvement course. The new Virtual DDC course combines the Defensive Driving Course 6/8 curriculum with actual behind-the-wheel driving in a simulated environment. The virtual driving instruction allows drivers to gain important insight and experience in potentially hazardous situations. Many detailed concepts presented in the original DDC training, such as following distance, managing intersections, and the dangers of driving under the influence, are reinforced with the simulation environment. This combination of sound instruction coupled with the latest high-tech tools, promotes a high “transfer of training,” in which skills learned on the simulator carry over to the real world. VDI’s proprietary Performance Assessment Scoring System (P.A.S.S) evaluates drivers on a variety of driving skills throughout the lesson, including vehicle startup and shutdown procedures, risk assessment, speed control, turns and lane changes, following distance, etc.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials