EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services has expanded its maintenance management product offering to include a customized approach to managing fleet vehicle repair costs. GE’s MaintenanceSelect program offers maintenance solutions to companies that may not participate in a traditional maintenance management program. MaintenanceSelect gives companies the flexibility to select the degree of maintenance cost control and the level of involvement they need. The MaintenanceSelect program is comprised of an all-inclusive maintenance management program, a remote maintenance entry Web-based application, and a customizable maintenance program. “Many of our customers have unique needs such as having in-house garages, high revenue sales organizations that give sales people higher authorization levels, critical downtime service concerns or executive fleets and each may require a different maintenance management solution,” said Anna Durham, general manager maintenance and safety services, “With our MaintenanceSelect offerings, we can customize a solution that will meet a customer’s specific maintenance needs, reduce administrative time and maintenance expenses.” GE’s maintenance management program offers flexible spending limit controls and technical advisors’ mechanical expertise to negotiate and authorize maintenance repairs. Remote maintenance entry is a Web-based application that documents and analyzes repairs for in-house garage fleets. A company’s in-house technician repairs the vehicle, logs the repair into GE’s secure Web application and through GE’s suite of reporting and analytics, the fleet manager utilizes a single source to monitor and report on maintenance expenses. Maintenance Blue is GE’s maintenance program designed for those fleets that empower the fleet driver to make high dollar limit repair authorizations before escalating the decision to their supervisor or fleet manager. The maintenance blue solution may be ideal for high revenue generating sales fleets or executive fleets to eliminate costly downtime.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials