ATLANTA – UPS unveiled the first fully hydraulic, hybrid-powered, delivery truck on June 21, according to the Detroit News. UPS will test the four-speed model and an experimental cousin — without a traditional transmission — in Livonia this fall. In laboratory tests, the new truck achieved 60- to 70-percent better fuel economy and had a 40-percent reduction in greenhouse gases, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The truck will save 1,000 gallons of fuel a year. If successful, UPS could begin replacing some of its 91,000 vehicles in the next few years. The hybrid system adds 15 percent or about $7,500 to the cost of a typical delivery truck, the report said. Congress also authorized tax incentives last year to promote hybrid trucks. A hydraulic drivetrain replaces a conventional one and eliminates the need for a standard transmission. The hybrid system also shuts off the engine when not needed, cutting use in city driving by up to 50 percent.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials