ATLANTA – Charlie Halfen, fleet safety manager for UPS, is ultimately responsible for training the trainers of more than 88,000 UPS drivers in the United States, and thousands of others internationally, and keeping current on ever-changing federal and state motor vehicle laws, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Safety training includes panel trucks seen in local neighborhoods and tractor-trailers spotted on the highways. He will soon add a motorcycle fleet in Asia to his list. Once in a while he rides in the passenger seat of one of the brown trucks they call “package cars,” testing the driving skills of a safety instructor. Halfen’s approach is working, as numbers of avoidable accidents have dropped each of the past 10 years, according to the report. Currently, the 88,000 U.S. drivers travel 2.4 billion miles a year with fewer than one accident per million miles on the road. Drivers who go a year without an avoidable accident earn a gift and recognition. Those drivers who complete 25 years without an avoidable accident are presented a tan jacket at a Circle of Honor banquet. The company gives more than $5 million in safety awards annually.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials