GREELY, CO – United Agri Products (UAP) has adopted Chevin Fleet Solutions to manage its fleet. Chevin Fleet Solutions is a provider of fleet management software, whose two primary products are FleetWave (an Internet-based solution) and RoadBASE (a PC-based system). UAP manages and maintains almost 10,000 pieces of equipment using Chevin’s flexible Web-based fleet management information system, FleetWave. In an effort to improve asset utilization, vehicle performance, and lifecycle cost visibility while enhancing the maintenance management of their diverse service and sales fleet, UAP has brought its maintenance management “in house” and established a Maintenance Control Center to manage external fleet repairs, preventive maintenance, fuel management, and certification compliance. Through a central call center, UAP uses Chevin’s FleetWave to quickly and efficiently coordinate and authorize vehicle repairs in a matter of moments. Using FleetWave’s flexible form design, Maintenance Control Coordinators are able to survey pending inspections/repairs; view and query previous repair history; and schedule, reconcile, and authorize repairs and payment directly from a single screen. With direct integration to multiple “enterprise” systems within United Agri Products, FleetWave eliminates multiple databases and excessive manual data entry. It will also dramatically improve the cost control and warranty recovery available to UAP.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials