LAWARENCE, KS – A proposed Lawrence cell phone ordinance — up for discussion this week by the Traffic Safety Commission — would ban the use of both hand-held cell phones and hands-free cell phone devices by motorists, according to the Lawrence Journal-World, which would be a first in the United States. Other bans generally prohibit only hand-held devices, with some banning hands-free devices for certain types of motorists, such as teenagers or school bus drivers. The ordinance commissioners are now set to consider but with one exception: Motorists could use a cell phone to make an emergency call to police, fire, or other agencies, the report said. The proposed ordinance lists a maximum fine of $100 for violating the ban, but lists no minimum fine. In addition to the cell phone ban, traffic safety commissioners also will consider an ordinance that would double the fine for inattentive driving (from $60 to $120) for any motorist involved in an accident while using a cell phone. Any decision by the Traffic Safety Commission must be approved by city commissioners before it is final.

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