IRVINE, CA – DataLogic International, Inc. — a provider of consulting services, GPS-based mobile resource management, secured mobile communications, and network security — recently assisted the Phoenix Police Department to recover a stolen vehicle that was equipped with BounceGPS. On May 19, 2006, DataLogic International was notified by a client that one of their vehicles equipped with the BounceGPS fleet management solution had been stolen from their fleet. The BounceGPS Mobile Resource Management team located the stolen vehicle using the information that is provided in real-time by BounceGPS, including location, speed, direction, and ignition status. The thief and two additional occupants were arrested without incident, and the vehicle returned to its owner. The historical information recorded by BounceGPS could provide the Phoenix Police Department with the known locations of the vehicle while it was stolen. Key BounceGPS capabilities include real-time vehicle location and monitoring, identification of unauthorized vehicle use, nearest vehicle to job feature to reduces drive time and fuel cost, and historical reporting.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials