DETROIT, Mich. --- With soaring gasoline prices, interest in alternative fuel vehicles is soaring as well. Today, there are 46 models available for sale. Hybrid models include: Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid Dodge Ram Hybrid Ford Escape Hybrid GMC Sierra Hybrid Honda Accord Hybrid Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Insight Hybrid Lexus GS450h Hybrid Lexus 400h Hybrid Mercury Mariner Hybrid Nissan Altima Hybrid Toyota Camry Hybrid Toyota Highlander Hybrid Toyota Prius Vehicles that can run on diesels/bio-diesels include: Dodge Ram Ford E-Series Ford F-Series Super Duty Jeep Liberty/Cherokee Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Volkswagen Golf TDI Volkswagen Jetta TDI Volkswagen New Beetle TDI Ethanol (E-85) vehicles include: Chevrolet Avalanche Chevrolet Impala Chevrolet Monte Carlo Chevrolet Silverado Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Tahoe Chrysler Sebring Chrysler Town & Country Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan Dodge Durango Dodge Ram Dodge Stratus Ford Crown Victoria Ford F-150 Pickup Truck GMC Sierra GMC Yukon GMC Yukon XL Lincoln Town Car Mercedes-Benz C-Class Mercury Grand Marquis Nissan Titan There is one electric vehicle now available for sale: the DaimlerChrysler GEM. Natural-gas vehicles include: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD GMC Sierra 2500 HD

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