PORTLAND, OR – Chrome Systems Inc. has released its Carbook Showroom Edition, the company’s new Web-based offering that instantly adds interactive vehicle configuration, research, and pricing to any dealer’s Web site. Carbook Showroom is the next-generation successor to Chrome Carbook, a Web-based vehicle configuration and research product. For car buyers, Carbook Showroom is a tool accessed through a dealer’s site that configures, prices, and compares vehicles, then submits detailed quote requests in a user experience that never takes them away from the dealer’s site. For dealers, Carbook Showroom is a plug-and-play addition to their existing Web presence that provides an instant online showroom — with detailed interaction and specialized content — that still reinforces the dealer’s own brand. Carbook Showroom can be immediately delivered through the Web site of any dealer, credit union, or affinity group, and can be customized to display only the vehicle makes that are applicable. In addition to having instant setup capabilities, dealers maintain control over changes — there is no need to hand over control to a third party. Other features and benefits include:

  • Side-by-side and advantages-based comparison of up to three vehicles at a time.
  • Integrated eVox media.
  • Includes all known standard and optional equipment.
  • Includes detailed technical specifications.
  • Includes warranty, crash test, and other helpful consumer information. Carbook Showroom can also integrate with a dealer’s existing lead generation program. Specially designed to blend with any dealership’s existing site, Showroom’s new design fits with any color scheme to provide an integrated look and feel and a seamless transition from Showroom to other areas of the Web site. Other features include customizable pricing and comparison data, as well as localization of available makes and models by zip code.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials