DULLES, VA – Agile Access Control, Inc., creators of the Web-based FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software, announced an agreement with Netistix Technologies to market and integrate with the Netistix FleetPulse vehicle telematics product line. Under the terms of the agreement, Agile will promote the wireless vehicle telematics solution and will integrate the Netistix product with their already-powerful fleet and motor pool software.
The FleetPulse product is a device that plugs into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port (OBDII) and collects information on various aspects of the vehicle’s performance and optional GPS location data. The data is then relayed wirelessly to the customer’s network where managers can review and collect data on a single vehicle or an entire fleet and schedule maintenance or other tasks as required.
The agreement announced between Agile and Netistix Technologies shares vehicle information with the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool management software. FleetCommander automatically creates maintenance reminders when vehicle odometer thresholds other key thresholds are exceeded.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials