GAFFNEY, S.C. – FedEx Express has added 18 hybrid-electric-powered walk-in vans built by Freightliner Custom Chassis to its delivery fleet, according to Truck News. The vans produce fewer emissions and demonstrate improved fuel economy. FedEx recently received a 2005 Blue Sky Award from CALSTART for adding the hybrids to its fleet. FedEx said that the vans will become a mainstay its delivery fleet. The hybrid delivery vans are currently operated in Sacramento, Tampa, New York, and Washington D.C., and Freightliner Custom Chassis plans to build more than 100 more hybrids for FedEx and other customers this year, the report said. Built on Freightliner Custom Chassis’ MT-45 chassis platform, the vans have a GVWR of more than 15,000 lbs. FedEx claims the vans have increased fuel economy by 50 percent, while reducing emissions by 90 percent.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials