PHILADELPHIA – On Apr. 10, Philadelphia taxi drivers demonstrated for more than three hours against changes being imposed by the state-controlled Philadelphia Parking Authority, which assumed regulatory control of the city’s 1,600 taxis a year ago. Drivers say the Parking Authority will make it even harder for them to make a living, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. The Brotherhood of Unified Taxi Drivers/Owners organized the event. Drivers object to the Parking Authority’s decision to link the city’s 1,600 cabs with 17 dispatchers by installing global positioning systems in the vehicles. They also oppose a rule that would take cabs off the road after 250,000 miles, according to the report. The changes are part of an effort to boost the tourism and hospitality industries in the city. The $4 million global positioning system is expected to go live on Oct. 10, according to sources. The system costs $2,600 for each taxi. Money for the system would come out of funds raised from selling medallions, but drivers would have to pay for their maintenance and an $18 monthly service fee.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials