BOSTON – The Massachusetts’ House has unanimously approved a bill (H4707) that would require the disclosure of the presence of “event data recorders” (EDRs), or “black boxes,” in the owner’s manual for vehicles. The bill has been sent to the Senate Ethics and Rules Committee for further consideration, according to Land Line Magazine. Current Massachusetts law doesn’t require vehicle owners to be notified that vehicles are sold with EDRs. The boxes could include information on the vehicle’s speed, direction of travel, location, steering performance, braking performance, seat-belt status, and accident information. Insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, and others can access data after an accident. In many newer vehicles, the information is automatically uploaded to a communication center immediately following an accident, according to the Milford Daily News. The bill would give owners control over any data collected. Insurance companies and auto manufacturers would only be allowed to access the data with the owner’s consent or through a court order.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials