CINCINNATI --- The Kroger Co. announced that 18 of the company's fuel stations in Texas will sell E85 fuel. Texas leads the nation with more than 250,000 E85 flexible fuel vehicles on the road. E85 flexible fuel vehicles can use both traditional gasoline and E85. E85 is a blend of 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol. "Kroger is excited to offer this innovative fuel to Texas customers. We believe customer interest in this alternative, renewable fuel will grow as it becomes more conveniently available," said David B. Dillon, Kroger chairman and chief executive officer. "We are pleased to partner with the state of Texas, General Motors and Abengoa Bioenergy. Kroger will seek other opportunities to offer customers E85 fuel both in Texas and throughout the nation," added Dillon. Kroger operates more than 500 supermarket fueling stations nationwide, including more than 60 in Texas, all of which are located next to Kroger retail grocery stores. Kroger also operates more than 700 convenience-store fueling sites. Kroger is making the station improvements needed to offer E85 in Dallas and Houston this summer, and more Kroger fuel centers could offer E85 as consumer demand grows. Kroger will price E85 ethanol lower than regular, unleaded gasoline. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Kroger is one of the nation's largest retail grocery chains.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials