RICE LAKE, WI – Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies has launched the next generation in cold plate technology with its RouteMax pilot program. Thirty trucks equipped with RouteMax and capable of extended route cold plate deliveries will soon be on the road. E.A. Sween Company, maker of Deli Express Sandwiches, will become the first customer to use a fully equipped RouteMax delivery vehicle.

RouteMax takes the reliability, longevity, and cost effectiveness of a cold plate refrigeration system to the next level. Trucks equipped with the new technology will allow users to charge the cold plates as they drive – reducing plug-in time for the cold plates and extending delivery routes.

A majority of E.A. Sween's current fleet are Johnson bodies equipped with cold plate refrigeration. The company has always realized the benefits of cold plate refrigeration. With RouteMax it now will have greater flexibility on its delivery routes.

"The main reason that we decided to implement the RouteMax system is the opportunity to extend the time between plug-in cycles for the cold plate systems," said E.A. Sween's director of fleet operations Gregg Hodgdon. "RouteMax will allow us to run longer routes without the additional operating expense of a mechanical blower system."

The initial cost of the truck body, power unit and refrigeration system will be lower than a mechanical blower body and refrigeration. Operating costs of the RouteMax system, are limited to the electrical shore power required to recharge the cold plates while it is plugged in at night. Because the RouteMax system continually charges the plates throughout the day, it can potentially reduce the number of hours needed for shore power hookup.

Because the RouteMax system has few moving parts, it requires virtually no maintenance. And, the system will last the life of the truck body. With Johnson, it is not unusual for a truck body to last 15+ years.

RouteMax is powered by International Truck and Engine Corporation's PowerPack 3, a self-contained power supply system built into the vehicle that provides continual charge to the cold plates without being a drain on fuel economy. Johnson's Electrical Power Manager (EPM) optimizes the electrical power for the continuous operation of the refrigeration compressor. The compressor can then charge the cold plates while the truck is at idle or while it's enroute to its next stop.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials