SAN RAMON, CA - Chevron Products Company, a provider of engine oils, lubricants, coolants, and related services, launched its new CJ-4 engine oil. Chevron will offer both a CJ-4 and a CI-4 Plus version of its Delo and Ursa branded oils based on customer feedback and expected market demand. The Delo CJ-4 product, to be known as Delo 400 LE (Low Emissions) Multigrade SAE 15W-40, will be offered alongside the CI-4 Plus specification oil, Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40. The new Texaco Ursa CJ-4 product will be known as Texaco Ursa LA (Low Ash) SAE 15W-40. The company expects to have both CJ-4 products available Oct. 26, 2006, the API's intended first license date for the new engine oil specification. "There is a lot of anxiety over new engines, fuels, exhaust treatments and lubricants," said Nicole Fujishige, commercial marketing manager, North America, Chevron Products Company. "It is important for our customers to know they will have one less thing to worry about as 2007 approaches. Historically Chevron has fully embraced each new heavy-duty engine oil specification. In this situation, there is clearly a need to retain the CI-4 Plus oil, while introducing the CJ-4 product. Although backwards compatible, CJ-4 will likely be more expensive than CI-4 Plus and is not required for the off-road market or pre-2007 engines. Based on fleet composition, the majority of Chevron's customers will have a greater need for CI-4 Plus, so we'll keep that product on the market until conditions change."

Originally posted on Fleet Financials