ALEXANDRIA, VA – On Mar. 7, the Kentucky House of Representatives passed TRALA-supported legislation that would eliminate the commonwealth’s existing property tax on trucks and trailers and replace it with an “in-lieu-of” fee paid through registration. The provision was passed as part of House Bill 380, a budget proposal introduced at the request of Gov. Ernie Fletcher. If approved by the Senate and enacted, it would reduce the administrative burden of compliance for truck lessors by creating a “one-stop shopping” property tax and registration system. HB 380 would also help solve the commonwealth’s costly property tax evasion problems. The introduced version of HB 380 contained property tax reform language that fell short of addressing the industry and commonwealth’s objectives. TRALA, however, working with the Kentucky Motor Truck Association and American Trucking Associations, successfully amended HB 380 to include language that clearly states interstate carriers will remit the in-lieu-of fee at registration through the International Registration Plan. For more information, contact TRALA’s John Lynch at (703) 299-9120 or

Originally posted on Fleet Financials