YONKERS, NY – Four new models made Consumer Reports’ (CR) Top Picks list this year. The redesigned Honda Civic is CR’s choice among sedans priced below $20,000. The Infiniti M35 dethroned the Lexus LS430 in the luxury-sedan class ($40,000 or more). The Toyota Highlander Hybrid scored highest among SUVs priced above $30,000. Among pickup trucks, CR’s choice was the new Honda Ridgeline. The addition of the Highlander Hybrid means that CR’s Top Picks now include two hybrid models, but for different reasons. The Toyota Prius is CR’s Top Pick in the “green”-car category because of its 44-mpg overall fuel economy. The high rating of the Highlander Hybrid is based on its overall package, which includes all the attributes of the conventional Highlander as well as better acceleration and moderately better fuel economy.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials