MARICOPA, Ariz. --- Arizona State Rep. Tom Boone (R-Glendale), who became an advocate for E85 and biodiesel use while serving as CFO for Deer Valley Unified School District, has sponsored two state bills aimed at promoting production of those fuels, according to a report in the Arizona Republic newspaper. One bill (HB2590) proposes to classify E85 as a motor fuel permissible for use in Maricopa County. The other bill (HB2711) would exempt E85 and biodiesel from fuel taxes and decrease the tax classification applied to plants that manufacture those fuels. Pinal Energy LLC is now building a plant in Maricopa that will produce E85, a mix of 85 percent grain alcohol and 15 percent gasoline. Last week, the Arizona Republic reported, the price of E85 was 14 cents below unleaded gasoline at Arizona Petroleum, a Tucson gas station that carries the fuel. There are three gas stations in Tucson that offer E85. A fourth E85 gas station is located in Sierra Vista, Ariz.

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