AUBURN HILLS, MI – Combining the width of a Dodge Ram with the overall length of a Dodge Dakota, the Rampage features unitized body construction, front-wheel drive, and independent rear-wheel suspension. The largest portion of the Rampage is devoted to the spacious passenger cabin, followed by the five-foot cargo box, and the engine compartment (which still accommodates a 5.7L MDS HEMI under the abbreviated hood). Up front, the Rampage features Dodge’s six-sided crossbar grille set flush within a curving plane that encompasses rectangular wraparound headlamps. Featuring LED lighting, all exterior lamps rely on light-piping and both clear and frosted acrylic to achieve a cleaner look. The body side is dominated by "double-muscle" flared fenders with the widest part of the body centered over the 22-inch brushed aluminum wheels. The framed doors feature a continuous fore-aft glass plane while the reverse-angle "pillar" on the rear door and distinctive triangular window give a sporty coupe-like profile. When either door is opened, the sill pivots down to expose a step assist. Composed of satin silver finished framing, the center stack can be pulled rearward and rotated toward either driver or passenger to access the navigation, HVAC, and entertainment functions. The free-standing instrument cluster moves with the adjustable steering column while the steering wheel spokes harmonize with both cluster and center stack. With all seats in use, the Rampage is able to carry five passengers. The right front seat and the 60/40 rear seats can be folded into the floor. The stowing process is facilitated by headrests that flip down into the seat backs, a solution that also allows taller-than-normal seat backs for greater support. To enhance the available interior volume with seats dropped into the floor, the armrests on the front and rear passenger doors also fold out of the way, maximizing the cabin's cargo-carrying capacity. As with all Stow 'n Go seating, with the seats upright, the bins beneath become storage areas for sundry items. Since the interior is designed to accommodate both people and cargo, a durable marine-type rubberized material is used for the cabin flooring. Behind the rear seats, the backlite retracts into a midgate, which in turn folds down into the forward part of the cargo bed. With the both midgate and one or more of the passenger seats in a stored position, lengthier items can be carried without having to lower the tailgate. After the midgate, the five-foot box offers many utility options, including retractable cargo hooks and built-in formations arranged to secure 2x4 boards. The three-position tailgate can be deployed upright, folded down 98 degrees, or dropped further to an angle of 117 degrees. In this position a stored-in-the-tailgate slide-out ramp can be extended to the ground to permit easy loading of wheeled cargo. Rampage delivers cargo carrying capacity above and below the dual-bed floor. Acting as a second tailgate, the rear bumper fascia also drops down to reveal an enclosed storage space extending (with the seats up) far enough forward to provide room enough to accommodate a stack of 4x8 plywood sheets.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials