MT. LAUREL, NJ – Automotive Resources International (ARI) announced a new recall reminder service to respond to customer requests to manage vehicle recalls. ARI is now using manufacturer-supplied recall information to assist clients in managing their fleet’s open recalls. ARI’s new reminder service is aimed at supplementing the existing manufacturer recall notification process. This service is available for Ford, DaimlerChrysler, and General Motors vehicles that have been purchased through ARI. This new service is comprised of three components: The first is an e-mail reminder pushed directly to the driver, indicating that there is an open recall of his/her vehicle, and requesting that the vehicle needs to be taken to the dealer for resolution. These reminders continue on a monthly basis until the manufacturer closes the recall. The second component is the tracking mechanism built into ARI’s in-house Client Relation Management (CRM) system, which will mark the vehicle with an “open recall” flag. Whenever an ARI customer representative is speaking with a driver, the flag will remind the representative to verbally inform the driver that there is an open recall of their vehicle. The third component is the reporting and online ACCESS system capability. The ARI ACCESS system now provides a searching capability for open recalls or recall history throughout the fleet or in any subset. Additionally, when viewing a vehicle, the system will generate a message that open recalls exist and a quick link to view their details including the dates of the recall, the mailing history, and whether the driver was advised during a phone call. In addition, clients can be provided with reports for their entire fleet or filtered by defined criteria indicating which vehicles in their fleet have an open recall.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials