ALEXANDRIA, VA – In conjunction with the rewrite of the International Registration Plan (IRP), TRALA and member companies are participating in an ad-hoc working group with IRP member jurisdictions with the goal of achieving equal treatment in the vehicle registration process for lessors in comparison to motor carriers. The IRP does not currently permit a lessor to consolidate entire fleet registrations into one base state while motor carriers are permitted to do so. TRALA is using the IRP rewrite as an opportunity to correct this current registration inequity. In Jan. 2006, TRALA attended a meeting in Toronto of industry representatives and enforcement officials from the U.S. federal government, states, and Canadian provinces to address the concerns of jurisdictions opposed to the truck renting and leasing industry’s objectives. TRALA will continue to work with its membership and the IRP to ensure that the industry’s concerns are met in the revised IRP.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials