WASHINGTON, D.C. --- The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline edged down 0.7 cent to 232.0 cents per gallon as of Jan. 16 -- 50.1 cents higher than last year, according to the Energy Department. Prices varied throughout the country, with the West Coast showing the largest regional increase of 6.8 cents to 237.2 cents per gallon, the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported. California prices gained 8.9 cents to reach 241.7 cents per gallon. East Coast prices, still the highest regional prices in the nation, increased by 1.1 cents to reach 238.1 cents per gallon. The Midwest region fell 6.9 cents to 226.3 cents per gallon. Retail diesel fuel prices dropped 3.6 cents to 244.9 cents per gallon as of Jan. 19, which is 49.7 cents higher than last year. Diesel prices dropped throughout the country, the EIA said. The largest diesel fuel price decrease occurred in the Midwest. Prices in that region fell 4.3 cents to 240.8 cents per gallon. West Coast diesel prices, also the highest regional prices in the country, were down 1.2 cents to 256.5 cents per gallon. East Coast prices decreased 3.9 cents to 248.9 cents per gallon. New England prices dropped 1.3 cents, but were still 266.3 cents per gallon.

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