DETROIT – Automakers are predicting that, now that diesel is getting cleaner, diesel sales will see growth. Diesels are 30 percent more efficient than gas engines, and unlike gas-electric hybrids, which get better fuel economy in city driving, diesels are equally efficient on the highway. DaimlerChrysler’s BLUETEC diesel technology, which will make its U.S. debut this fall on the 2007 Mercedes E 320 sedan, can meet emissions regulations in all 50 states, including the five states where diesels aren’t currently sold because they can’t meet emissions standards: California, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and Vermont. Ford Motor Co. has displayed the Ford Reflex, a sports car with a hybrid-diesel engine that can get 65 miles per gallon. Honda Motor Co. already sells diesels in Europe, and it is monitoring U.S. demand.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials