FT.WAYNE, IN – Federal rules scheduled to take effect this fall could make biodiesel more attractive to commercial trucking fleets, according to the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette. The Environmental Protection Agency has required fuel refineries to lower the amount of air-polluting sulfur in diesel fuel by Oct. 15. Because sulfur helps lubricate engines, refineries are looking for another fuel additive to keep engines running smoothly. One option may be biodiesel because it also oils engines. However, some say it probably would cost more than a synthetic substitute. The new fuel and improved diesel engines, required for vehicles starting with 2007-model years, are predicted to reduce harmful emissions by 90 percent. Refineries also have government incentives to use biodiesel as a fuel additive as the energy bill signed into law last year requires Americans to use at least 7.5 billion gallons of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, by 2012, according to the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials