DETROIT --- Ford Motor Co. is showcasing a small-car concept with a diesel-electric hybrid engine at the North American International Auto Show. The Ford Reflex features an advanced diesel-electric hybrid engine that delivers up to 65 miles per gallon, solar panels, a flexible interior made from synthetic and regenerated materials, and such safety features as inflatable safety belts in the rear. "From consumer electronics to urban dwellings, small is becoming big in America," said Peter Horbury, executive director of North American Design. "The bold and innovative design of Reflex stretches the traditional boundaries of a subcompact car. Reflex delivers the fuel economy and flexibility that Americans have come to expect." Reflex is set off with Ford's three-bar grille -- made of high-strength anodized extruded aluminum. The concept's shoulder line flows upward to the B-pillar and back down into the wheel arch. Reverse butterfly doors aid vehicle ingress and egress. The vehicle's low-voltage circuitry is exposed beneath the glass roof and rear hatch. The roof also features self-powered solar fans that cool the car when parked. Reflex's 20-inch wheels are polished alloy. The large diameter, narrow width and unique Michelin tire design provide low-roll resistance for improved fuel economy.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials