CHERRY HILL, NJ – Subaru of America for the third consecutive year recorded an all-time sales record, selling a total of 196,002 units in 2005. Subaru also recorded best-ever sales in December that drove the year-end total up five percent from the previous year. The Subaru B9 Tribeca posted incremental volume totaling 14,797 units in 2005. Subaru Legacy recorded sales of 87,788 units, with Legacy Sedan sales up 14 percent for the year. Subaru Outback recorded a total of 59,570 units, while Subaru Forester posted sales of 53,541 units in 2005. Subaru Impreza posted a gain of four percent with 33,637 total units for the year, while Subaru Baja recorded 6,239 units.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials