DETROIT – General Motors is cutting the sticker prices on all its Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC products and many Pontiacs – a move to stabilize its market share and cut its spending on incentives, according to Automotive News. The price cuts take effect Jan. 11, and will affect vehicles that account for 80 percent of GM’s total sales volume, said Mark LaNeve, vice president of North America Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing in the Automotive News article. LaNeve said GM is not eliminating incentives. "They are a part of the automotive landscape and, frankly, part of what makes this business fun," he said. But to compensate for the price changes, GM will be changing the dealer discount on some product lines, LaNeve said, without giving specific examples. A change in the dealer discount means there will be a smaller gap between the invoice price and the sticker price on a vehicle. According to Automotive News, some examples of prices changes on Chevrolet vehicles are:

  • The new base price of the Impala LS will be $20,990, $1,000 less than the current base price.
  • The Silverado regular cab WT will be repriced to $16,990, down $2,275 from the current base price. The Crew cab version will be repriced to $25,490 – $2,500 less than the current base price.
  • The new base price of the 2006 Cobalt LS coupe will be $12,990 including shipping charges. That is $1,500 less than the current base price of $14,490.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials